I believe God is drawing you into a deeper place with Him today. This is a God moment for you.

Don’t miss it. Don’t ignore it. Don’t waste this moment.

Sow your seed right now. Don’t put it off another second.

As you do, I’m agreeing in prayer with you that God will respond to your faith and move in your life with the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

I believe debts are going to be settled. Health will be restored. Family members who have been running from God are going to come running to Him.

I’m praying for blessings to start overtaking you and your family…for struggles that have plagued you for years to come to an end…for the pain of yesterday’s rejection to be healed.

This is your time. This is your season. Don’t miss it!

Sow a seed into His Kingdom. When your seed moves your faith, your faith moves God.

Sow the best, most significant seed you can. Be generous and expect a generous harvest of His blessings!

When you sow your seed of $50 or more, I’ll send you a copy of Tommy and Miriam Evans’s book Decrees that Unlock Heaven’s Power as my THANK YOU GIFT for your faithful generosity.

In this powerful book, you’ll experience a journey through 40 dynamic decrees and powerful prayers.

Each day, you’ll discover a Scripture that reveals what God personally says about you, an inspiring devotional reading, and powerful prayer decrees.

Use these personalized, daily decrees to activate your faith for a whole new level of abundance, answered prayers, and breakthroughs in your life!

This is my THANK YOU GIFT for putting action to your faith by sowing your seed into God’s Kingdom.

Don’t wait. Sow your seed right now and expect God to do a GREAT WORK in your life!

God Bless You,
David Cerullo


God’s wonder-working ability is manifested through His words, and when you confidently decree His words, you will see amazing breakthroughs take place!

In Decrees That Unlock Heaven’s Power, Tommy and Miriam Evans take you on a 40-day devotional journey to declare God’s words and promises over your life and circumstances.

Yes, David, I am releasing my seed and trusting God for a breakthrough in my life.

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